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The nature of art is simply to transcend its form and convey the core emotional experience rather than just serving as a representation. This is one of the main reasons why astronauts need art to provide a method of expression that reaches beyond limited language and technology, in a similar way to the way experiences reach beyond anything that many people in this planet find relatable or familiar.

Space art is considered to be a branch of modern art that strives to show the emerging knowledge and ideas that are associated with outer space. This is often used as a source of inspiration and as a means for visualizing and promoting space travel. It often tries to communicate ideas that are somehow connected to outer space, usually including an appreciation of the infinite variety and vastness of the space that surrounds the earth.

It is common knowledge that people have been painting celestial bodies for centuries, but the genre of art known as Space art became an entirely different genre after World War II when the space program flourished. As the space program flourished, there was a need for imagery for space.

NASA was founded in 1958 and it commissioned space art alongside its inception. NASA has been known to sponsor many artist residencies over the years. An association was developed for the artist in space and it was known as International Association of Astronomical Artists.

It was discovered that people often disbelief the existence of space because the space photograph is abstract and it is not possible to photograph black holes. However, artists have been able to use scientific findings to produce fantastic craters and overlarge moons.

A lot of astronauts have said that seeing Earth from space can change a person’s worldview. The U.S. astronaut known as Nicole Stott is often credited as being the first astronaut to create art in space. Nicole Stott was able to produce an artwork that depicts the view of Earth from space.

Nicole Scott

Many artists apart from Nicole Stott have also shared their experience about how seeing Earth from space changed their worldview and inspired them to start space art. These astronauts also said that creating the Space art have been a way for them to share their wonderful experience in space.

Since then Space Art has been seen as a universal communicator and it is said to be one of the ways to engage audiences that might have some other opinion about the existence of space. Space art also helps people to see the view of Earth from space.

It has been said that Space art makes space less abstract and more personal. Although the images and videos of space were beautiful and stunning, they still were unable to capture what the astronauts see and feel when they are viewing the earth from space. Space art shows the natural beauty and artistic beauty of space and serves as a source of inspiration for artists that are looking for perfection, order, and truth within the scenes depicted in Space artworks.

The Space giant known as Space X has shown its interest in flying a group of non-astronaut artists to space on the moon by 2023. Space X intends to take six to eight artists that come from different backgrounds to space to create artworks based on space. This will be the first time that space art will be produced by non-astronauts in space.

The company announced that the artists will be chosen from different disciplines including a director, a novelist, a fashion designer, a painter, and a dancer. These artists will also come from different cultural backgrounds and geographical diversity which is essential in making sure that the project has extended reach and tap into the interest and emotions of a large percentage of the population.



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  • Personally, I used to doubt the existence of space because I couldn’t find an art that totally defines the space and it’s structure. However, Space Art redefined my thoughts, I can now believe in Space stories.

    Koker on
  • If going to Space would make me change my perspective of the Earth, then I need to visit Space. I understand Space art changes one’s perspective of Earth, and makes it feel more personal, and I can’t wait to experience that.

    Esther on

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