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The nature of art is simply to transcend its form and convey the core emotional experience rather than just serving as a representation. This is one of the main reasons why astronauts need art to provide a method of expression that reaches beyond limited language and technology, in a similar way to the way experiences reach beyond anything that many people in this planet find relatable or familiar. And one of the newest frontiers for art is space. There are a lot of benefits that have been associated with space exploration, but it is now also been considered as the next frontier for Art.

Space art is considered to be a branch of modern art that strives to show the emerging knowledge and ideas that are associated with outer space. This is often used as a source of inspiration and as a means for visualizing and promoting space travel. It often tries to communicate ideas that are somehow connected to outer space, usually including an appreciation of the infinite variety and vastness of the space that surrounds the earth.

No one actually knows that origin of space art, but artists have been creating artworks based on celestial bodies like the moon and the night sky long before Sputnik 1, the first satellite successfully launched into space was actually launched. But however, in recent times, Space arts have grown significantly in popularity as a result of the success of the space exploration companies.

It has been said that Space art makes space less abstract and more personal. Although the images and videos of space were beautiful and stunning, they still were unable to capture what the astronauts see and feel when they are viewing the earth from space. Space art shows the natural beauty and artistic beauty of space and serves as a source of inspiration for artists that are looking for perfection, order, and truth within the scenes depicted in Space artworks.

Space arts are considered as one of the most accurate representations of the things in space that Modern science has discovered so far. Although the engineers and scientists at space agencies may have designed rockets for space travel, it was artists that were able to communicate what space exploration was about to the public in a Visual language that they all understand, Art. Space art is used as a medium that captures the imagination of people in a manner that the articles in journals or spoken words have not been able to.

A lot of people are starting to think that space art has gone away, but that is not true because like every other genre of art, it has evolved. The evolution of space art is due to the fact that Astrophotography and the advancement of telescopes like the Hubble telescope have taken away some of the mystery about space. People have started thinking that humans have learned everything about space and therefore there is no need for further space exploration, but this is wrong because we are very far from learning everything about space and we have not even begun to scratch the surface of the mysteries of space. The next frontier for Art is space and it is very important for us to explore it as best as we can.

The Space giant known as Space X has shown its interest in flying a group of non-astronaut artists to space on the moon by 2023. Space X intends to take six to eight artists that come from different backgrounds to space to create artworks based on space. This will be the first time that space art will be produced by non-astronauts in space. The company announced that the artists will be chosen from different disciplines including a director, a novelist, a fashion designer, a painter, and a dancer. These artists will also come from different cultural backgrounds and geographical diversity which is essential in making sure that the project has extended reach and tap into the interest and emotions of a large percentage of the population.




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  • I can’t even begin to imagine how beautiful the planets must look like from space. I really wish I could get up there to see it myself but I know I’ll never get that opportunity.

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