Rover goes to Mars

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8th July 2018


A Rover designed by Airbus will be sent on a
mission to Mars to collect samples.
The samples to be collected are those left by
NASA’s Mars 2020. Rover will transfer them to an
ascent vehicle and will put them into orbit about
the planet, where they will then be brought back to
Earth by another spacecraft.
Science Minister Sam Gyimah said:
“This remarkable new project, which will see
samples brought back from Mars to Earth for the
first time ever, demonstrates Britain’s world-
leading scientific and engineering innovation.
“Winning this contract builds on the UK’s world-
renowned expertise in space and robotics which
the government is supporting through the UK
Space Agency and the major investments in our
modern Industrial Strategy.
“One rover bound for Mars in 2020 is already
under construction by Airbus in Stevenage and
the knowledge and expertise honed there will now
be applied to designing this new mission, which
aims to safely deliver – for the first time – material
to Earth from another planet.”
The UK is a founding member of ESA. UK’s
membership will continue after Brexit.
British ESA astronaut Tim Peake said:
“This is an exciting new era where businesses and
space agencies are working closer than ever
before on ambitious missions to expand our
knowledge of the Solar System and deliver
benefits to people’s lives. The close collaboration
between the UK and ESA will place Britain at the
forefront of innovative missions to explore the
Moon, Mars and beyond.”
We at Future-Rockets look forward to the
success of this mission.

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  • Hi Joan
    Yes, it has been done. Rock samples where brought back to earth in 1971 and they have recently discovered that they are thousands of years old.

    Beverley Smith on
  • This is such an exciting milestone for space travel! Getting samples from Mars will for sure help us in the quest for my information about the darkness that surrounds our planet.

    Preston on
  • Having samples brought back to Earth from Mars will be quite a milestone. it appears I’m reading this too late. Can you please let me know if this has been done. Thanks!

    Joan on

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