Model Rockets: A Look Into the Future

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Model Rockets: A Look Into The Future

Understanding what Model Rockets   represents or the reason why it works the way it does, would be quite challenging without a proper understanding of a rocket itself is. 

Rockets can simply be described as a missile, aircraft or spacecraft or any other object whose thrust is obtained from a rocket engine, with a propellant to enhance movement during launching. 

It is a product of advancement in technology and science that has aided man's activities in space and the preservation of the planet, as well as advancement in conventional warfare. 

A model Rocket is a small prototype of a rocket like Space X  made mostly from paper, wood, plastic and any other light weight material. 

A model Rocket  is a practical or recreational object which in turn can motivate or educate students, scientists,  engineer and many others. 

Model Rockets: be they small or large are available at commercial amounts for the rocket enthusiasts or hobbyist, the tech geek, people interested in the future of Space, Space X or Space colonisation.  

To get all types of model Rockets either for yourself, children and young people, for your business. Jupiter Future is your Space Shop for the future. 







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  • I am 12 and it will be my birthday soon, I am a rocket and space lover. Can i get my parent to buy me a model rocket? is it in anyway dangerous for me to use?

    Eric Dowe on
  • This is nice write up on the model rocket. Does model rocket actually launch, and how far can they go if they truly launch?

    Mark Morrison on

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