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    News — Celestial bodies


    Valentine’s Day, February 14, is a day that people show their feelings of love, affection, and friendship. This day is celebrated by people in all parts of the world in many ways each year.


    A lot of people in all parts of the world celebrate Valentine’s Day by displaying appreciation for the people that they love and adore. Many people will take their loved ones to a romantic spot or a restaurant for a romantic dinner. Some people might decide to propose to their loved one on this day or get married. Many people will give their loved ones chocolate, jewelry, flowers or greeting cards on this day.


    However, it is believed that the chemistry between you and your loved ones are more connected to the study of celestial bodies than you know. Astrology is the study that views the humans as beings that are not just influenced by their hereditary factors and their environment, but also by the motion and relative position of celestial bodies and the state of the solar system at the exact moment they are born. This study is based on the theory that planets are basic life forces and the tools that people live by and the basis of their attributes and character.

    It is believed that one of the strongest factors in a relationship is the connection between the Sun and the Moon. This connection is a strong sign that you and your partner are compatible. The Moon is often associated with the emotional factor in any chart while the Sun signifies our principal goal in life. When you and your partner are in love, all your emotions will be engaged and your principal goal becomes your partner’s too. This connection can be seen between charts in the form of the Sun in a man’s chart and the Moon in a woman’s chart.



    It is also believed that different phases of the Moon’s cycle can affect some aspects of human life like love. There Moon cycle is divided into eight phases. The first phase of the Moon cycle is known as the “New Moon” where the moon appears to be absent in the night sky. This period of time is said to be an ideal time to plant the seeds of a new relationship, move a relationship to a new stage or set intentions for attracting love.


    Crescent Moon

    The second phase of the Moon cycle is known as the “Crescent Moon”. In this phase, a newly started relationship may find it difficult to survive. In this stage of your relationship, there is hard work and energy is expended. You will need to direct your effort to an aspect of your relationship. In this phase, the Moon is just emerging.



    First Quarter Moon

    The third phase of the Moon cycle is known as the “First Quarter Moon” and it is a growing phase, an active stage. This is a great time for you and your partner to play together, push boundaries a little and have some fun. However, it is very important that both of you stay within your comfort zones because if there is too much chaos, It will not be fruitful. In this phase, the Moon is waxing. In this phase, the Moon is still waxing.


    Credit Wiki

    Gibbous Moon

    The fourth phase is the “Gibbous Moon” which is a stage that brings a sense of anticipation and comes with the energy of self-analysis and introspection. However, this stage is not the right period of time for a first date because you might be feeling like you have to be perfect or over-analyze your partner.



    Full Moon

    The”Full Moon” is the fifth phase of the Moon cycle and it is the stage of manifestation when the person that you have been flirting with might ask you on a date at last or when you are rewarded for some hard emotional work. This stage is also considered to be a great time to consummate an affair or even get pregnant. In this phase, the Moon and the Sun are seen in opposition to each other on the opposite sides of the earth.

    minating Moon

    The “Disseminating Moon “is the sixth phase of the Moon cycle and is a great time to introduce your loved one to your family and friends or to make your community the center of your romantic endeavors. In this phase, the Moon is waning.


    Credit: wiki

    Last Quarter Moon

    The seventh phase is the “Last Quarter Moon” and it is the best time to address your situation with your partner if you are having any doubt about the relationship. This stage is said to be a great time for having a difficult conversation or breaking up if you are having doubt about the relationship. In this phase, the Moon is still waning.

    The eight and the final phase of the Moon cycle is the “Balsamic Moon” and this is the best time for transition. This is a good time to create space or take a break in a relationship. In this phase, the Moon is mere silver in the sky.




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