The Levitating Light: 15 Steps to Buying a Magnetic Levitating Floating Light

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Levitation looks like some form of mystical magic. Levitation involves the defying gravity such that things appear to float in the air. it is not an illusion, but rather something that is very possible.

Magnetic levitation generally uses the science behind the magnets. We all know that magnets have two poles, North pole and South pole. Opposite poles will attract each other while same poles will repel one another.

Magnetic levitation, therefore, involves tow magnets that are placed in a horizontal position where the similar poles are in opposition such that they repel each other. And that’s how the tops float in the air above the magnet that is laying down.

Scientists are using magnetic levitation to try and overcome the gravity. This technology mainly utilizes earth magnets, electromagnets, superconductors and diamagnets.

Magnetic levitation allows a superconductor to be suspended above the ground with no support other than magnetic fields. This process involves the Meissner effect through which the superconductor always expels the magnetic field that is inside of it.

Therefore, when placed on top of a magnet, the superconductor will be suspended in the air. this essentially means that the superconductivity and the magnetic repel each other.

A superconductor is a material that allows its electrons to flow easily without resistance. When placed close to a magnet, the superconductor tends to create small currents on its surface, which thus cancel out the incoming field, leading to a repulsion.

The principle of magnetic levitation has been there for more than 100 years, since the introduction of frictionless trains.

Today, the principle is being used in maglev transportation or the maglev trains. The principle of maglev transportation utilizes the frictionless magnetic levitation that provides a faster and smoother mass transit systems.

A magnetically levitated train is actually the most modern vehicle and is already in use in Asian countries like China and Japan. Maglev technology can be used in various types of engineering, including, electrical engineering, biomedical engineering, nuclear engineering in the creation of the centrifuge of the nuclear reactor, civil engineering for building facilities and air conditioning systems, military weapons engineering, aerospace engineering for launching a rocket or spacecraft and automotive engineering among many others.

The future of magnetic levitation looks bright, however, it may take quite some time. For huge applications like maglev transportation, a very strong magnetic field is required to build new magnetic tracks.

In the future maglev technology will be used in the creation of frictionless bearing would be suspended and simply rotate without any contact with the surrounding housing. More of maglev technology is expected to be used in more industrial applications.

Before buying a levitating desk lamp for a room or your home, there are several steps that you should consider first.

These steps will guide you in making the right choice. Sometimes, many people end up buying a magnetic floating lamp that does not really meet their needs.

This becomes a waste of money and you surely don’t want that to happen to you. being what they are, these are the steps that you need to consider when you are looking forward to illuminating your room with the levitating light.

  1. Size of the room

 A levitating desk lamp can be used on various different rooms in your house, however, before buying one you need to consider the best size for the room where you will place the lamp.

If you want to place the lamp in your small workroom, then you need to get one that is small. A small levitating desk lamp for your small workroom should not be placed in your open living room.

Just imagine how small desk lamp would look in an open living room, Just weird! Being sure of the room that you want to illuminate with the levitating light will help you make the right choice.

  1. Size of the levitating lamp

This has the same concept as the size of the room that we have just looked at. a small magnetic floating lamp would be good for a small room and a large one would be great for a larger room such as an open living room.

  1. Size of the table

You have to consider the size of the table you want to place your lamp on. You need to have the right measurement of the distance of the table above or simply the zone as well as its height.

  1. Size of the base of the lamp

The size of the base of the lamp is an important factor to consider. nobody wants a levitating lamp that has a very large base.

  1. Design of the lamp

The design of the levitating lamp should match your own likes. If you want a design that really looks great and evokes memories, then go for it.

  1. Decorations of the room

the design of your lamp should match the decorations in your room. This should be in terms of the surface, shading as well as style. Take a look at your furniture and your extras and as well as other lighting fixtures that you could be having in your room.

  1. Type of materials used in the levitating lamp

When buying a magnetic floating lamp, you will want to carefully look at it. You need to make sure it has no any defects and scratches.


  1. The appearance of the lamp

Levitating lamps have different appearances. There are some that have a very nice stylish look with a very attractive shape. So be sure to look for what you really like.

  1. Power consumption

A levitating lamp should generally have a low power consumption.

  1. Technology

A magnetic floating lamp uses the magnetic levitation technology. They also utilize the latest LED technology to emit the levitation light. Others actually have a wireless power transmitter.

  1. Controls

A levitating should be super easy to control. Go for those that have two switches that you can operate with a touch of your fingertip. The switches are used to control the LEDs.

  1. Durability

The durability of the levitation desk is an important factor to consider. this is determined by the quality of materials that have been used to make it.

  1. Specifications

Specifications are in terms of the length and the type used to cover the power cord and its power adapter. The specifications will also show you the power consumption of the lamp.

  1. Price

Different levitation lamps have different prices. Remember cheap is not always a good deal, but if you are on a budget you can still find a good magnetic floating lamp.

  1. Buy from a reputable manufacturer

Buying from a reputable seller ensures you get high-quality levitation lamps that have been integrated with the best technology, design as well as high-quality materials that have been used to build it.


Getting a great magnetic floating lamp can be pretty easy if you consider the 15 steps. With these steps, you will get what you really want.


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  • These are really good tips to consider when talking about buying a Levitation lamp, but as a mother of 4 kids, I think it stands the risk of being damaged by kids. especially when it is an awesome technology like this.

    Magan Evans on
  • Hi Adam
    There are many brands of Levitating Lamps. It is difficult at this point to recommend a brand specifically for you without knowing what features you require in a magnetic levitating lamp.

    Beverley Smith on
  • Levitation sounds like a myth, but I’m getting to know more about this now. If I decide to get one Levitation Lamp, which manufacturer would you recommend?

    Adams on

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