Travel to Space for the first time in an Elon Musk spaceship, what tech gadget would you take with you?

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It is common knowledge that the earth is enveloped by many gases in a portion commonly referred to as the atmosphere. But beyond the atmosphere, there is an area of space or atmosphere that has no gas at all.

  Space travel, also known as Space exploration is the discovery and exploration of celestial structures in the outer space orbit with the aid of the evolving and growing space technology.

And although the study of space is often carried out mainly by astronomers with the aid of telescopes, the physical exploration of space is often conducted by both unmanned robotic space probes and human space flight.

One of the most popular space travel corporation is Elon Musk’s Space X which is also considered to be one of the best space travel company in the world.

Generally, it is said that there are about three methods of space exploration. The first method is with the use of balloons but this method is not very effective as it cannot go very high.

The second method is with the use of rockets whether manned or unmanned. Rockets are considered one of the best and most effective methods of space travel in present times.

The rocket has several sections or stages that can be released after its fuel has been spent and thereby decreasing its overall weight of the ascending rocket.

The third method of space exploration is with the use of satellite which is metallic spheres that often contain different instruments.

These satellites are often launched into space with the aid of rockets that puts them in the desired orbit. Some of these satellites often travel round the earth like artificial planets.

Recent studies of public opinions have shown that more than fifty million people want to travel to space, but just about two million people often travel to space in each year.

Elon Musk’s spaceship is one of the spaceships that will allow people to travel to space. But if you are planning on travelling to space on Elon Musk’s spaceship, you will need some tech and gadgets.

Some of the tech gadgets that you can take with you when you are travelling for the first time on an Elon Musk spaceship include;

Since we are in the digital age, we have become more reliant on our portable gadgets, but we always have to rely on the batteries that power these gadgets.

Therefore, in order to prevent our batteries from running completely dry, it is best to bring reliable cell phone power pack.

This is very important if you are travelling to space for the first time because you might want to connect with your family and friends on earth ones you get there and your battery might be low.

There have been some debate as to whether headphones work in space but the answer is yes, it does. Sound often travels in the form of sound waves and since sound waves are mechanical waves in nature they will need a material medium to propagate.

And although there might be no medium for the waves to propagate in space, if you are in space then you are probably living in earth simulated environment that makes it possible for sound waves to travel.

Since headphones can work in space, it provides people with a more effective way to communicate than hand gestures. You can also use the headphones to listen to your favourite playlist in your leisure time.

Yes, drone cameras can work in space but only specific ones that have been developed by NASA.

These drone cameras can be used for scouting points of interest and potential hazards like storms. These drone cameras are also used to plan travel routes for the main rover.

And with the rapid development of space technology and the rise in the number of satellites that is being launched into space, space travel may well mean that a Drone will become a very important gadget to take with you when you are travelling to space. 

Space art is considered to be a branch of modern art that strives to show the emerging knowledge and ideas that are associated with outer space.

This is often used as a source of inspiration and as a means for visualizing and promoting space travel. It often tries to communicate ideas that are somehow connected to outer space, usually including an appreciation of the infinite variety and vastness of the space that surrounds the earth.

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  • Hi Queen

    There is some form of Internet connectivity in Space, exactly how it works I am not sure, this will require further research and or investigation.

    But with the increasing number of satellites being sent to space, this can only increase and provide connectivity in areas that previously did not have any form of connection, like remote areas in a lot of countries around the world and space.
    Beverley Smith on
  • Funnily, even if I forget everything, I can’t forget my cell phone and its power pack. But I’ve got a quick question. Does the usual internet connection exist up in the space?

    Queen on
  • I would 100% take the space drone with me. I mean my phone probably won’t work up there anyway so what’s the point of that? You could get some amazing drone shots from space.

    Evan on

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