Uses of Drones Today

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In recent years, drones have certainly developed in popularity. According to the FAA, there are currently two million drones in the US, but it's expected to rise to two and a half million by 2022. Similarly, in the UK, there are 76,000 drones flying in the skies according to Drones Impact on the UK Economy Report by Pwc. But, more interestingly, there are over than 4,000 commercial operators according to the CAA.

However, it wasn't an easy flight getting to this point of usage in the UK and US. There were several trials, doubts and examinations that make them one of the most used and effective gadgets of this modern world. Nonetheless, we've uncovered the uses of drones today is more detail.


Industry Uses of Drones Today

Real Estate

CBS News wrote a fantastic article about the 9 ways drones are changing real estate. We've picked out some key points that drones are a: budget-friendly aerial photography, buzz for listing agents, and better views of bigger homes.

Security and Defence

PwC forecasted the Security Drone market will be worth $10.5 billion by 2020. As a result, we're seeing more and more usage

 Other Industry Uses of Drones Today

  • Real estate and property
  • Entertainment
  • Development and infrastructure
  • Defence and national security
  • General security
  • Photography
  • Geography
  • Topography
  • Technology
  • Aerial Surveillance
  • Oil And Mineral Exploration
  • Disaster Relief

No matter whether you are a professional filmmaker or a real estate developer or a commercial surveillance agent – a drone can make your job easier and flawless. It helps you to get information and views of places where it is not humanly possible or very difficult to reach through other cameras.

New Age – New Technology

With the advent of modern technologies, the design, concept, operating techniques and output of drones have changed a lot. The recent models have a lot of advanced versions of cameras and lenses along with faster data receiving and data transformation system as well.

However, the price of the advanced models is a little higher than the devices with basic technologies. Fortunately, there are companies that can give you high-class Drone with camera for sale. But before you buy one you must do some research.

  1. Know about the variety of drones available in the current markets
  2. Know which drone will be a good choice for your industry.
  3. Know which one will be the suitable one as per your specific requirements.
  4. Know their technical specifications and understand the operating systems.
  5. Compare the price of similar drone cameras manufactured by different companies.

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