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We at Jupiter Future invites you to tell Your Story and share your images and thoughts  as you have entered into a world of advancing technology. 

As you are aware  the industrial revolution has come to an end,  the Race for Space and the Tech Revolution is upon us, with technology advancing every minute of an earth hour or day. 

The advancing Technology has become the main or one of the key drivers of our economy and many economies around the world in the 21st Century. And there is a lot more to come, this is just the beginning. 

We want you to tell us what your own personal experience has been with the advancement technology so far or tell us the story of your family, friends and tell us what you think it would be like in the future.

Whether you are old, young or in between,  we want to hear Your Story.

You can email us at jupiterfutureinfo01@gmail.com


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  • Your website is absolutely phenomenal! I love looking through it with my kids and learning about all the new technologies going on around the world.

    Jenny on
  • I absolutely adore learning about all the new telescope technologies and how they are changing the game for those who don’t necessarily have thousands of dollars to spend on those crazy large scopes used by NASA.

    Jensen R. on
  • Hi Mike
    We would like to hear your Story with technology.

    You can fill out the comments page or send an email which ever suits you best.

    We look forward to hearing your Tech Story.
    Beverley Smith on
  • Apparently, my kids can’t go a week without using the telescope. The world has gone so digital and we need to follow the trend. Thanks for the updates here.

    Dave on
  • Every weekend my kids and I love to take out our new telescope and go stargazing and planet hunting. My girls are too young to really understand what space is but it’s fun seeing the look of amazement on their eyes when they see a shooting star.

    Kyle on

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