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    Jupiter Future FAQ's


    Is my financial information safe when using this website?

    Your personal and financial information are safe when shopping at Jupiter Future . We use 100% secure encrypted payment screens.

    With what web browsers can I use Jupiter Future?

    Jupiter Future  customers can shop our website using any current version of popular web browsers.

    Do You Ship Overseas?

    Jupiter Future does ship our products to overseas customers in most parts of the world. For more details, contact us directly.

    How do you calculate your exchange rate?

    Exchange rates are calculated weekly based on the mid-market rate.



    Is there a minimum or maximum order size?

    With Jupiter Future, there is no minimum or maximum order size. In fact, we welcome everyone from the beginning hobbyist who is looking for a new kit to build, to the avid rocketeer who wants to stock up on our products.

    How many products does Jupiter Future carry?

    Jupiter Future carries thousands of high quality high quality, competitively priced products and we are always adding new products to meet the needs of our customers. 

    From model rockets, drones, drone cameras, watches, to Led and Magnetic levitating lamps, Smart light bulbs, maps, mapping equipment  , Space Art , Space Books, Space Coins, Gadgets, Clean , Cool Air Tech, Space Costumes, Space Jewelry, Space Cloths,  and more.



    How long will it take for my order to arrive?

    Jupiter Future prides ourselves on our fast delivery methods. We will arrange for the packing and shipment of your order as soon as we receive it and send a tracking number upon actual shipment. Normal shipping times are as follows:-


    • Most European destinations within 4 to 20 working days for tracked deliveries, 9 to 30 working days for non-tracked economy post. Please be aware that some products may take a little longer, this is normally stated. 


    • non-European countries can take between 7 and 30 working days for tracked deliveries, 4 to 40 working days for non-tracked economy post, depending on how long Customs take to clear your goods. Please be aware that some products may take a little longer than stated. 


    • UK, Canada, US, Australia weekends and Bank holidays are being classed as non-working days.



    Will I receive a delivery tracking email?

    Jupiter Future will email a tracking number upon shipment of your order. This usually takes 2-3 days. Please be aware some items may take a little longer for tracking information to be sent. 

    Where do you deliver?

    Jupiter Future delivers worldwide.

    Is my order insured?

    Jupiter Future insures every order we ship.

    Where can I find my delivery information?

    Delivery information including any countries Jupiter Future does not deliver to can be found at the top of our website by clicking on the “Delivery” tab.

    What payment methods does Jupiter Future accept?

    Jupiter Future accepts the following forms of payment:

    • Mastercard
    • Visa
    • Visa Debit
    • Visa Electron
    • American Express
    • PayPal
    • Apple pay
    • Google pay

    What currencies the can I pay in?

    Jupiter Future accepts payment in Pounds Sterling, Euros, Canadian dollars,  Australian dollar and US dollars. We do not accept Bit Coins at this time. 



    Frequently Asked Questions

    When it comes to electronic gadgets like the power packs we have heard a lot before. People always have questions about various aspects of a cell phone power pack, right from the battery capacity, speed and USB ports among others.

    Our service team have developed the questions that you are likely to ask and the answers to them which will help when you are purchasing the right power pack for your phone.

    Below we have answered the common questions that fans ask us.

    What devices can be charged by power pack?

    Our power packs can charge all the major mobile device manufacturers such as Android, Apple and Samsung. You can use them to charge devices such as smartphones or tablets.

    What does mAH capacity mean?

    The capacity of power packs is usually rated in mAH (milliampere hours). This measures the charge that can be stored in the power bank.

    If the mAH is large it means that it can charge your device more times than one with a smaller capacity before recharging it.

    If your device’s battery safe?

    Yes, charging your device using our power packs ensures the safety of your device’s battery.

    All our power packs have been through a thorough testing process in order to ensure they are the best quality to use for charging your smartphone.

    How long does it take a power bank to recharge?

    This actually depends on the capacity of your power bank. If the mAH is big, then it could take a longer time to recharge it than that it would for a power bank with a smaller mAH.

    How many times can you charge your phone?

    You can your phone multiple times a day because our power packs are very safe. Our individual products have all the safety certificates which can you view on our page.


    Frequently Asked Questions about Telescopes

    Our answers to frequently asked questions about telescopes will help you understand how to handle your telescope better. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any question, we are always here to help you.

    1. How would you choose a telescope?

    Perhaps if you want to see the surface of the moon, any telescope will give you very nice views. You can actually be able to view the Galilean Satellite or the moons of Jupiter or even the rings of Saturn.

    If you want to view other celestial objects that are not very visible such as the nebulae or galaxies, you may want to invest in a higher quality telescope.

    1. What are the differences between different types of telescopes?

    Telescopes exist in three different basic types, reflectors, refractors and catadioptrics. They all serve the purpose of collecting light and focusing on magnification. Each type does this in a different way, and that’s where the difference really comes in.

    1. Can I adjust the magnification of my telescope?

    Yes, you can. You can adjust the magnification of your telescope by changing the eyepiece that you are using. Magnification actually depends on the focal length of your telescope and the focal length of your eyepiece.

    1. What is the best magnification or eyepiece to use on my telescope?

    Every telescope has a maximum and minimum magnification power. Therefore, when buying a new eyepiece, you need to consider the set levels to avoid going below or beyond the set levels in order to avoid inhibiting how you can view. cover

    1. How do I store my telescope?

    Storing your telescope is pretty simple. You only need to store it as a unit in a clean, dry place that is free from dust. When storing outdoors, you need to cover it to make sure it won’t get wet by covering it with a heavy duty plastic cover.


    Frequently Asked Questions about Headphones

    Here we have compiled the most frequently asked questions about headphones that we get from you.

    1. Which phones work together with headphones?

    Most headphones are designed to work with all phones or with any music playing devices given that their ports are compatible with that of the headphones. if the headphones are wireless or simply utilize the Bluetooth, they are compatible with all phones that have Bluetooth.

    1. My headphones are too tight on my head, what can I do?

    When the headphones feel too tight on your, it is very possible to loosen the pressure by simply stretching the headband. You need to place your hands on both ends and gently stretch the headband.

    1. What should I do when the sound sometimes disappears from one side of the headphone?

    This could be a sign that your headphone is broken. You need to check your warranty, and if it is still valid, you can use it.

    1. Are my headphones noise-cancelling?

    Not all headphones have the noise-cancelling feature especially those that use batteries, but one good thing is that great models are able to block outside noise effectively giving you a good listening experience.

    1. Are style and fashion important?

    Fashion is so much important to many people. If fashion is important to you, choose what will really satisfy your fashion sense without sacrificing the sound quality.


    Frequently Asked Questions about Earphones

    Here are some of our most common questions about earphones that we get from you.

    1. Are the earbuds waterproof

    Most earphones are built with waterproof earbuds; therefore, you can use them even when during your exercise routine.

    1. Are the earphones compatible with my phone or computer?

    If your earphones are Bluetooth enabled, they can connect with anything with a Bluetooth connection. Earphones can only be paired to one device at a time.

    1. Can I use just one earbud?

    Yes, you can just one earbud.

    1. How can wear my earphones?

    Earphones have marks on each earbud; left and right. Wear the right marked earbud on your right ear and the left on your left ear.

    1. Do earphones have a warranty?

    Absolutely, earphones come with a warranty of mostly one year that covers all the manufacturer’s defects.


    Frequently Asked Questions About Led Light Lamps

    LED lighting is really being embraced across the globe due to its advantages. People want to know about LED lighting lamps and we have had common questions from our LED lighting lamps’ fans. Here are the frequently asked questions about LED lighting.

    1. Are LED lights dangerous?

    LED lights do not contain mercury, unlike fluorescent lights. They are built with hazardous materials and can actually be recycled. They have a longer lifespan and thus will not require replacement soon.

    1. Why is LED technology classified as solid state lighting?

    LED technology is classified as solid-state lighting because the electronics produce light directly from solid materials in which electrons are fixed. They do not require a gaseous discharge medium to induce the production of light.

    1. Do LED lighting lamps save energy?

    Yes, they do. They reduce your energy consumption by 40% or more. Their longer lifespan reduces the maintenance of your lighting.

    1. Can LEDs be used on outside lights?

    Yes. Some lamps are built with water-proof fittings and others can be kept in a water-tight fixture.

    1. Will the light levels decrease over the life of the LED lamp?

    Yes. This happens as the lamp approaches the end of its normal operating life. However, this can be hardly noticed and is very gradual.


    Frequently Asked Questions About Magnetic Levitating Lamps

    We all love magnets and that’s why we want to know more about them. Buy what we really want to get more information about are the magnetic levitating lamps. Here we have compiled the most frequently asked questions that we get from you.

    1. How can I select a good lamp style?

    If you want a lamp for a particular room, you need to look at the size and decorations of that room. Select what matches the decorations of that room.

    1. Will the magnet interfere with electronic devices or cause harm to human or animals?

    Absolutely not. The magnet will not interfere with your electronic devices and will not cause harm to anyone or any animal.

    1. Will magnets lose their forces over time?

    No, magnets can maintain their force for about three centuries.

    1. Do magnetic levitating lamps use a lot of power?

    Most magnetic levitating lamps have been built with the latest technology that minimizes the power consumption.

    1. Are there different designs of magnetic levitating lamps?

    Yes, there are many designs and styles out there. You can choose what really looks appealing to you.


    Frequently Asked Questions About Watches

    On a daily basis, there are frequently asked questions about watches. Customers have queries that they want answers to. They want to get more information about watches so that they can select the best, especially when it comes to luxury watches.

    Here are the answers to watch questions that we have always received.

    1. Do luxury watches hold their value?

    Purchasing a luxury watch is a good idea especially if you are looking to invest in jewellery.

    Luxury brands can hold their value and in some cases appreciate in future. To ensure this happens, you need to take care of your watch and store it properly when you are not wearing it.

    1. What should I do when my watch needs repair?

    Most brands cover their watches with a limited warranty. The repair centre often determines whether or not the watch is covered by the warranty.

    1. When should I replace my watch wrap?

    When your leather is torn or when it shrinks at the place where it attaches to the watch, it is time to replace the strap.

    1. What does it mean when my watch starts and stops?

    This could be a sign of a low battery. You should have the battery checked and replaced if it is low.

    1. What should I do when my metal strap is corroding?

    Corroding happens when there is a reaction between the oil on your skin and base metal watch strap. In case of corrosion, you can use a coating of clear nail polish to form a barrier between your skin and the metal strap thus preventing it from getting worse.


    Frequently Asked Questions About - Clean, Cool Air Tech


    Here is a collection of frequently asked questions about Airtech and their expert answers.


    1. How long do the systems last?

    Most systems have a lifespan of 10 to 20 years. The efficiency of the equipment decrease with age. As it gets old, it may become noisier and would require frequent repairs. When this happens you can choose to overhaul the system or replace it.

    1. How often should I change my air filter?

    You need to replace the air filter on a regular basis. Dirt builds up on the air filter and this would reduce the amount of air flowing through the system, thus reducing the effectiveness of your system.

    1. Why is regular maintenance important on your system?

    You Airtech system is similar to a mechanical device with a motor and electrical components.

    Therefore, routine maintenance on your system is important in order to prevent complications from happening and also to maintain its efficiency. The maintenance should be done by a qualified technician.

    1. How should I one the Air-tech?

    You should just pull off the cap. You should not twist since it could lead to a loss of suction strength.

    1. Are items in the Airtech reusable?

    Yes. They only require proper washing and care.


    Frequently Asked Questions About Model Rockets

    1. Can I make my own model rocket?

    Yes, you can. You can actually purchase kits that are out together. You also have the ability to design your own unique rockets.

    1. Is model rocketry expensive?

    Well, this actually depends on your opinion. You can purchase a kit for even $30.

    1. How high can a model rocket fly?

    There is a variety of rocket designs and engines available, and they affect the furthest a model rocket can fly. Some can actually fly over 1,000 feet into the air.

    1. Is model rocketry safe?

    Model rocketry is actually considered one of the safest outdoor activities in the world. flying a model rocket is simply a rewarding experience.

    1. Where can I fly my model rockets?

    You need to check with your local government for any regulations that may apply in your area. Basically, you need an open field to launch your rocket.


    Frequently Asked Questions About Gadgets

    There are so many gadgets out there, and gadget lovers are always looking for the best gadgets. Here are some of the frequently asked questions about gadgets and their expert answers.

    1. Why do I need to keep resetting my router?

    When your internet gets finicky, you always find yourself plugging your router, plug it back it and then it is working again. This could be happening because of overheating, or there is too much traffic or maybe it’s just a crappy router.

    1. Why should I buy genuine gadgets?

    This so obvious. We all want authentic gadgets. Low-quality gadgets do not last long, and that definitely that’s not what you want.

    1. Do I need to check the warranty details of my warranty?

    Absolutely. This will help you understand the terms of the warranty, which will be helpful in case your gadget has a defect.

    1. What do viruses, Trojans and other malware actually do?

    Viruses and Trojans are bad, but many people don’t know how exactly they work. Viruses are actually programmes that copy themselves and infect the computer and they can move from one computer to another.

    Trojans, on the other hand, are applications that appear just like other normal applications, but they have a secret code that is allowing another party to control your computer. To stay safe, you need to have a good antivirus programme.

    1. Do I really need to eject USB drives?

    Our computers are always warning us about ejecting our USB drives before removing them. Well, there is a valid reason for this.

    Computers use write caching to improve performance, so when you copy something to your drive, it will  sometimes, that is has completed the task, but it is actually waiting until it other tasks are perform so that it can perform them simultaneously.

    When you click on eject it completes everything in the queue to make sure you don’t lose your data when you move the USB.


    Frequently Asked Questions About Drones?

    Drone flying is gradually being embraced. Today, it is not only a mere hobby but also it is evolving to passion for many people and also being used by professionals for commercialisation. This domain is expanding every day.

    We have frequently asked questions about drones, and we have expert answers for them.

    1. Where can I fly my drone?

    When flying recreational drones, there is a rule to fly it at utmost 400 ft. you also need to fly them at least 5 miles away from airports.

    1. What happens when there is a battery discharge during flight?

    In case this happens, the drone can either get down or return to home as per its features. The pre-installed warning system can warn you when the battery is low. So you need to keep an eye on the battery status of your drone. 

    1. What happens when the drone gets out of range/sight?

    In case a drone gets out of range of the controller, it can automatically or manually get into RTL (Return To Land) mode. The drone can return to where to where it started from aided by its GPS system.

    1. What is drone racing?

    Drone racing is a type of sport where participants fly drones along a specific route with the hope to cross the finishing line ahead of others.

    The participants use FPV system which shows what the camera of the drone is seeing on their controller, Virtual Reality headsets or TV display.

    1. How much can a drone carry?

    This actually depends on the several factors of the drone including its design, battery, propellers and electronic speed controllers among others. There is actually a weight specification on each model.



    Frequently Asked Questions About Drone Cameras

    Today, drones have cameras and they are offering a better flying experience and uses. Here are frequently asked questions about drone cameras.

    1. Can you control the camera from the ground?

    Yes. You can actually tilt, pan and roll and see the image on the ground monitor.

    1. Can I see what is being shot from the air?

    Absolutely. You can monitor what is being shot in real time due to the video downlink. You can direct the pilot to fly the drone to a particular spot and rotate the camera in order to get the best shot.

    1. How long can you fly for?

    Both the drone and the camera are battery powered. Those will smaller batteries fly for a few minutes about 8 minutes, while those with larger batteries can fly for more than 10 minutes. If you have a power outlet you can keep on recharging it.

    1. Does the weather affect the ability to shoot?

    Yes. The drone is made up of sensitive electronics, which make it difficult to fly in the rain or snow. If there is a lot of wind, it can also be difficult to fly the drone.

    1. Can you fly the drone over crowds of people?

    No, this is actually illegal. You need to have a 50-meter gap between the group of people and the drone.


    Did we answer all your questions? If you need more information, please do not hesitate to contact us. we want you to obtain as much information about products as possible.

    Also, we would really appreciate receiving your feedback and suggestions on what we could do better or even what products you suggest we should add to our offerings.