Portable Mini LED Fan Air Cooler Battery Operated USB Charging LED Light Fan

  • £44.99

Product description

LED lighting function.
3 mode speed regulation.
Adopted 4.5W brushless motor industrial grade fan (4 inch), strong winds and long life.
The battery bin is a detachable structure, which is convenient for users to use or replace the battery.
USB interface charging or 18650 battery power supply.

Suitable for outdoor travel, home, office use.
The product only can be used with batteries or cable, but it is not rechargeable.

Speed mode: 3 ranges
Output power (MAX):4.5W
Battery Specification: Li-ion
Battery installation: Removable
Product size: 14*10.6*4.2cm
Color: black/white/green/blue/orange/pink
Battery Model: 18650, 800mAh

Package Included:
1 x LED USB Fan
1 x 18650 Battery 800mAh
1 x USB Cable

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